Do We Know How Yet

  • Keith Brown (Brown University, Providence), “Do We Know How Yet?  Insider Perspectives on International Democracy Promotion in the Western Balkans”
  • ThéodoraVetta (École des hautesétudes en sciences sociales, Paris),“‘Democracy Building’ in Serbia: the NGO Effect”

Studies are more important for every one of us and it is not good to be a bookworm. We have to come out of our school studies and explore many new things in life which is going on around us. Thus we can develop our knowledge on the things happening in the world.

Many schools are providing this wonderful opportunity for their students to get to know about the world activities. But getting admissions in those schools have become a tough and tedious process. The students or the parents can download the admission form online and fill out the necessary information correctly and submit it. If the children get selected, then they can join in that particular school, do their higher studies and come out with many talents and abundant knowledge.

If you would like to know more about those institutions, then click here now and proceed. This page contains the name of the school management which offers many new facilities to the students.

Go, have a look at it, choose your best one and continue your further education there in that institution. Selecting the course which fits our background is very predominant and many people do mistake in this selection. If a person chooses a course in which he or she does not have interest, then it is truly impossible to concentrate on the subjects and score high marks.

So, think well twice or thrice before opting a course of study. Make a research about the particular course and the scope of it in the future.

In recent times, some experts come forward and provide counseling for the students about the courses of study in the colleges and universities and which course will definitely bring great success in the upcoming years. This helps all the children to decide about their future studies.

There are many schools and colleges which provide fantastic coaching to the students. But it is in our hands to choose that college and pursue studies there. They offer many special classes to the children to learn about the new things so that they can lead a better life anywhere without any hesitation and fear.

I could say, the schools and colleges help us somewhat, but it is our responsibility to learn it so quickly and develop our skill on it.

Hurry up! The admissions are going on in various eminent institutions. Go, grab yours, discover the world and reach greater heights soon.

  • MilicaGolubovic (Northeastern University, Boston), “Judicial Professional Associations ― Fostering Judicial Reform through Civil Society Development”
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How (not) to export civil society

  • Keith Brown (Brown University, Providence), “Do We Know How Yet?  Insider Perspectives on International Democracy Promotion in the Western Balkans”
  • ThéodoraVetta (École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris),“‘Democracy Building’ in Serbia: the NGO Effect”

Let us find out how peace education is important in growth of democracy.  Read on to know in detail:

  1. Realizing the need for judiciary: Peace education helps in making the recipients realize the need for proper formation of judiciary system in the nation.  This is vital for proper administration and running of the government.  This will ensure proper availability of social justice to all.
  2. Peace education helps inequality: Most war-prone and underdeveloped nations do not realize the need for gender equality.  It is more important for reducing social crimes against women and children.
  3. Peace education helps in reducing social disparity: Peace education makes people aware of their rights.  Hence every citizen can ensure that he gets his share of entitlements to lead a dignified life.  This will reduce social disparity.
  4. It improves communication skills: It facilitates and improves smooth communication between the citizens.  Hence this will help in avoiding misunderstandings.  It will strengthen the relationship between people.  On the internet, you can find a lot an of information on peace education.  Click to read more.
  5. It increases harmony: Peace education helps in increasing harmonious co-existence between individuals.  Hence indifferences which led to frequent clashes can be eliminated from society.
  6. Removal of fears: Peace education helps in the removal of unnecessary fears gripping the mind of people.  Especially in nations where life is often disrupted by violence, there will be high levels of unspoken fears in the minds of people.   Peace education helps in removing the same.
  7. Sorting cultural differences: Peace education helps in understanding cultural differences.  Hence it creates an atmosphere where people can appreciate other people belonging to a different culture.  This will prevent misunderstandings between people.

Let us think of an atmosphere where people are deprived of getting above information.  In such scenario, life will be in downtrodden condition.  Only when the society is mentally prepared about all the above concepts, it will be easier to implement democracy.  Hence imparting education above basic concepts like equality, harmony, communication etc. is all the more needed.  All the above steps will take the level of thinking of the community as a whole to the next level.  Also, peace education will ensure the grooming of citizen thoughts in a similar manner.  Only when fears are alleviated and people are communicated well about the pillars of democracy like social justice, gender equality etc. people can admire the real need for democracy.  Democracy will help the nations to bloom by utilizing the population in a positive manner.

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Table of contents

How (not) to export civil society

  • Keith Brown (Brown University, Providence), “Do We Know How Yet?  Insider Perspectives on International Democracy Promotion in the Western Balkans”
  • ThéodoraVetta (École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris),“‘Democracy Building’ in Serbia: the NGO Effect”

Democracy is indeed a beautiful concept.  Democracy can be defined as a system wherein the citizen gets an empowered role of building the nation.  His right is clearly defined and so are his duties.  The nation is run by representatives elected according to the choice of the people in the country.

Origin of democracy:

The concept of democracy was thought first by the ancient Greek politicians and philosophers.  The first democracy known to the world was formed by the Athenians in 508BC.  It was a preliminary form of democracy wherein citizens chose their representatives, who in turn elected the legislature body.

Benefits of Democracy:

  1. The interest of the citizens is protected.
  2. Democracy prevents the monopolistic attitude of a single person enjoying all benefits and advantages.
  3. It ensures equality irrespective of religion, gender, income, age etc.
  4. The responsibility and authority of the legislative body are fixed. Hence proper functioning of the administration is ensured.
  5. It ensures the flow of benefits to all.
  6. The most important is, it is imp source of peace. Democracy ensures justice to all.  Hence no one is subjected to humiliation or exploitation.  Only when people feel deprived there would be revolts and unrest.  When there is good social justice, everyone would resort to peace.  Hence there would be no need for wars.

Hence democracy is more important in nations battered by war.  It will ensure that life returns to normalcy at the earliest.

In the absence of democracy, people normally suffered in the hands of autocratic rulers.  In such nations, the ruler would not be providing even the basic amenities to people.  Exploitation, inhuman punishments, and social crimes would be on the higher side.  The standard of living of common people would be pathetic.  But in such circumstances, unethical people join hands to accumulate wealth.  Curfews and famines would be common.  People will not have the freedom to voice their opinion.  There would not be security for the lives of the people.  Democracy saves people from all the above difficulties.  In a democratic rule, such atrocities can never be committed.

But there are few loopholes like misuse of public fund, corruption etc.  This might be due to the wrong choice of the elected representatives.  Hence the success of democracy lies in the hands of the people.

The role of NGOs is very vital in constructing democracy in underdeveloped as well as war-prone nations.  They help in the spread of political education and awareness of the rights of the people.  Back to the discussion about civil society…

    • MilicaGolubovic (Northeastern University, Boston), “Judicial Professional Associations ― Fostering Judicial Reform through Civil Society Development”
    • Elton Skendaj (Cornell University, Ithaca), “Peace Education as a Democratizing Process”





  • Milica Golubovic (Northeastern University, Boston), “Judicial Professional Associations ― Fostering Judicial Reform through Civil Society Development”
  • Elton Skendaj (Cornell University, Ithaca), “Peace Education as a Democratizing Process”

In most nations, people have started forgetting the post-war effects of the world wars.  The younger generation does not have an altogether idea of war and how it creates chaos in the lives of people.  The importance of peace education in such an environment is huge.  Only this can help in preventing devastation in the future.

What is peace education?

Peace education helps in creating those values in mind which are essential for living in harmony with the environment, others, and self.

There are various organizations around the world that work for promoting peace among countries.  These help in defining the curriculum for peace education.  The education normally covers policies against nuclear weapons, nonviolence, human rights, gender equality, and communication skills.

Why it is needed?

Peace Education is all the more required in the world now.  The younger generation will lead their respective nations in the future.  They are ruled more by gadgets.  Hence future wars would be indirect like trade wars, cyber wars where the after-effects of wars would cripple nations altogether.  Also, in future, if a war happens, due to technological influence, it would severely affect even the nations which are not involved in the war.   Truth is that the world will not survive another major war.  Such is the dangerous potential of existing science and technology.  Hence only when people are educated about the importance of peace, we can ensure war-free world.

Peace education starts with simple communication improvement and anger management.  When we are able to control our emotions, we would promote harmony.  Otherwise, we ourselves will be the makers of trouble.  When there is peace inside one’s self, he will be able to spread peace.  Peace education creates peacemakers.  Only a peacemaker can claim ‘Find peace in my company’.   He can help in avoiding clashes between other individuals also.  Peacemakers can avert it in the very initial stage itself.

Not all nations are at par in economic strength, woman empowerment, and education.  It is all the easier to create restlessness in the deprived nations.  In a few nations, people are treated in such an inhuman manner.   A change can be brought by making them realize their rights and voicing their opinion.  Also, people should be aware of the advantages of fighting for rights without using weapons.  Once humanity uses all the above methods, the world would be free from wars and weapons.  Peace education can save thousands of lives and natural resources from being getting torn in the hands of war.  Back to civil society.


  • Francesco Strazzari (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa),  “Trans-Albanian vs Pan-Albanian Spaces: the Urban Dimension of the ‘Albanian Question’”


International conferences round tables a festivals

The altering connection between religion and legislative issues, particularly in the US and Europe, has lately offered to ascend to declarations that we are residing in a post-secular society. Multiculturalism is the various movements of numerous Muslims in well-off European nations and the religious opportunity in numerous states enable numerous researchers brings up the issue concerning the general public we are residing in.


Though previous sociologists and defenders of modernization hypothesis had anticipated a continuous disappearing of religious stronghold while progressively legitimized, no doubt from the half of the 20th century a remarkable inverse has occurred. Rather than a steady minimization and personalization of religion, the inverse is seen in numerous parts of the globe. The conservation and the confirmation of the religion’s essence out in the open circle provide a fruitful platform similar to new articulations among researchers and sociologists of the religions and scholars are considered.


The presence of expanding religious activities, the development of numerous recent religious developments and the support of various religions via fundamental propensities direct to the contention that the globe isn’t secular any longer. This page is utilized so as to clarify the ascent of the religious fundamentalistic developments and does not by any stretch of the images depict the scenario in the present era. Yet, not just in the Middle East, but also the West, religion has reasserted or held, the same number of researchers concede, its quality openly banter.


A truly discussed articulation is the expression that we are residing in the post-secular. It depicts that the secularism period might arrive at a standstill and that we are going into another reality. In any case, the constant aspects among religion and governmental issues have to be investigated. At that point, the situation in the Muslim nations needs to be talked about from one perspective, and on other the scenario in the EU and Europe. For a superior understanding of the meaning of secularism and the frame that it consumes in the advanced platform are cited. At long last, the possibility that this era might succumb and that we are going into another realm, as it emerged essentially to portray the circumstance we feel in social orders in the West where the religions, not just Christianity, assume a vital job in the general public and in governmental issues, is exhibited.


Religious and legislative issues are firmly identified with one another. From olden times until recently, religion mediates in governmental issues, and as a rule, religion relates to the state expert.



International conferences round tables

The policy of the European Neighborhood is an external relations tool of the European Union that tries to attach those nations toward the south and east of the European region to the Union. These nations, basically the nations that are developing, incorporate few who try to turn out to be either a part of the European Union or more firmly coordinated with the EU. This policy does not have any significant bearing to adjacent nations of the EU’s peripheral locales, yet to those nations near EU part states’ domains in terrain Europe.


It provides monetary help to nations inside the European part if they satisfy the solid states of government change, financial change and different issues encompassing positive change. This procedure is typically supported by the Action Planning, as concurred by the objective nation and Brussels. It does not safeguard nations that are in the present EU extension plan.


The EU commonly consummates the Association Agreements in return for responsibilities to political, financial, exchange, or human rights change in a nation like usage of Calminax for health routines. In return, the nation might be extended duty-free access to a few or overall EU platforms that include the modern merchandise, farming items, and so forth., and money related or specialized help.


Historic details:

This Policy focuses on gathering Europe and its nearby nations nearer. It was brought forth after the broadening of the EU with 10 new part nations, so as to abstain from making new fringes in Europe. It is additionally intended to keep the development of new partitioning lines between the augmented EU and the neighboring countries. The mission is about a group of nations, sapped into the further combination, yet without essentially winding up full individuals from the EU. The strategy was initially delineated in 2003!by the European Commission.


During 2011, the EU Commission propelled what it depicted as another and goal-oriented Policy of the European Neighborhood. It tries to fortify personal and local connections between the nations in the neighborhood and EU via additional assets for greater changes in approach, creating increasingly extra supports accessible, yet with progressively common responsibility.


By 2015 the EU Commission propelled a survey of the standards on which the approach is situated and its degree and the way the instruments ought to be utilized. The counsel pursues certain needs that include separation; center; adaptability; and possession,


Financing the strategy:

Providing the motivating forces and compensating good entertainers, and extending assets in a quicker and increasingly adaptable way, are the primary standards fundamental the EU nations Instrument.




The Slavic Literatures and Languages Department extends graduate understudies the chance to contemplate the cultures, written works, and dialects of the Slavic nations. The office provides comparative and interdisciplinary courses over the Slavic societies, empowering a huge assortment of specializations from art, film, literature and visualization culture.


The vast majority of the doctoral competitors spend significant time in literary works, functioning intimately with the workforce in their actual fields to make a program arranged around their specific advantages; the work is conceivable in unified areas, for example, Government, Music, Film, History, Anthropology and Ultra Metabolism also. A considerable lot of our understudies additionally do engage in linguistic studies; all understudies ponder the Ancient Church Slavonic and perceive a useful semantics training as a major aspect of their planning for instructing dialect programs.


The workforce in the division shows a huge scope of courses, ranging from the medieval to the latest culture. These programs adopt a wide range of strategies compared to the rest. The course focuses to furnish understudies with wide learning of the area and a feeling of authentic profundity. It underlines the capacity to compose appropriately, to do creative insightful and basic functions, and to create viable introductions at meetings and symposiums. Educating adequately is an aptitude that we try to develop in the entirety of our understudies, equipping them up for writing and dialect programs. The course consumes about 5-8 years to finish, with the majority of the understudies finishing it 6-7 years, regularly including thesis inquiry overseas.


The division keeps up strong working connections with different offices and focuses considering the Slavic race. The office necessitates that doctoral applicants function as instructing colleagues in its dialect and writing programs, seeing such involvement as a fundamental piece of doctoral preparing. Understudies ordinarily educate in the final years of their studies, and frequently past.


Details for Admission:

Candidates with conventional and non-customary planning are invited to this course, if their semantic, foreign dialect, and scholarly examinations aptitudes are solid. Candidates must demonstrate the understanding of Russian or the dialect of the understudy’s significant field equal to the high-class norms.


Formal preparing in writing or semantics is exceedingly alluring for affirmation. Conceded understudies are urged to arrive at the venue when possible for a one day visiting to meet with the personnel and graduate understudies and to discover progressively about our projects of instruction.


We invite potential applicants who prefer to want educational meetings amid the fall or spring prior to presenting the application. Get in touch with the division executive to prepare gatherings with each member of the faculty team.

Benefici degli alimenti ricchi di fibre nella vostra dieta

Benefici degli alimenti ricchi di fibre nella vostra dieta

Alimenti ricchi di fibre sono importanti per il nostro corpo soprattutto per le persone che vogliono ridurre il peso corporeo.  Perdere il peso non è affatto un compito facile da eseguire da un individuo in quanto è necessario pianificare il vostro piano di dieta sana, gli esercizi da svolgere, varie attività quotidiane, ecc. al fine di perdere peso.  È facile da dire, ma è letteralmente difficile per le persone obese a seguire i programmi di perdita di peso in quanto ha bisogno di duro lavoro e le aspirazioni tra di loro per perdere peso.  A parte i programmi di perdita di peso, se si desidera ridurre il peso corporeo gradualmente, provare sliminazer insieme con il Consiglio del medico per gli effetti migliorati nel ridurre il peso corporeo in eccesso.

Vedi post per i migliori benefici degli alimenti ricchi di fibre nella tua dieta;

  • Alimenti ricchi di fibre come frutta, verdura, noci, fagioli e legumi giocano un ruolo importante nel migliorare la salute del vostro corpo in quanto è ricco di fibre che aiuta in vari processi metabolici che sono coinvolti nel corpo.
  • La fibra è necessaria per rimuovere i rifiuti dal corpo più efficacemente in modo che non si può soffrire di movimenti intestinali duri. Un vegetale verde a foglia è in realtà buono per la salute e anche migliorare il processo digestivo e migliora i movimenti intestinali.
  • Soprattutto le persone che vogliono versare i loro chili di corpo in una certa misura possono includere gli alimenti ricchi di fibre nel loro piano di dieta regolarmente. Questi alimenti ricchi di fibre aiutano a perdere peso in quanto si attacca ai composti grassi presenti nel cibo e quindi aiuta il sistema digestivo individuale a derivare basse calorie da esso.
  • Se si desidera mantenere il peso corporeo normale per un periodo di tempo più lungo, è possibile includere questi alimenti ricchi di fibre nella vostra dieta più efficacemente in modo da poter seguire un piano di dieta rigorosa nel mantenere il peso corporeo per un periodo di tempo più lungo.
  • Molti studi recenti hanno rivelato i fatti che gli alimenti ricchi di fibre possono ridurre le probabilità di aumento del livello di zucchero nel sangue tra gli individui, riducendo così il rischio di diabete.
  • È anche un bene per ridurre il rischio di molte malattie cardiache e cancro come molti frutti e verdure sono ricchi di antiossidanti e altre molecole bio-attive che contribuiscono a ridurre le possibilità di cancro e malattie cardiache.
  • Gli antiossidanti aiutano a disintossicare il corpo rimuovendo i materiali e gli elementi tossici dal corpo e rendendoli più forti.
  • Alcune fibre che sono solubili in natura aiutano a stimolare il muscolo e le ossa forti e quindi forniscono un’opzione di ossa e muscoli più sani.
  • Gli alimenti ricchi di fibre assicurano anche l’intestino per avere batteri più sani che aiuta nella digestione e altri processi metabolici nel corpo.

La banana sarà utile per ridurre il peso corporeo?

La banana sarà utile per ridurre il peso corporeo?

Le banane sono buone per la salute e molte persone amano mangiare una banana come un frullato come solo un frutto o sotto forma di altri piatti dolci.  È possibile fare molte varietà dolci utilizzando banane che impressionante per assaggiare ed è davvero deliziosa.  Oltre al cibo gustoso dolce, serve anche ricchi nutrienti e fibre di contenuto.  È troppo salutare per essere incluso nella vostra dieta e non è anche molto costoso di qualsiasi altro frutto. È possibile aggiungere queste banane regolarmente nella vostra dieta che aiuterà in molti aspetti della salute in quanto contiene molte sostanze nutritive come potassio, vitamina C, fibre e carboidrati.  Ti fornisce energia istantanea e questo è il motivo dietro le stelle dello sport che consumano la banana tra la partita al fine di fornire energia.  Fornisce loro l’energia necessaria e se si vuole essere energici e sani.   Consumare la banana regolarmente per rimuovere i rifiuti indesiderati dal corpo in modo che evita la stitichezza.  Vedi post per ulteriori vantaggi di banana;

  • La fibra presente negli aiuti alla banana nei movimenti intestinali di un individuo in modo migliore e quindi evita la condizione di stitichezza. La stitichezza è la condizione in cui l’intestino assorbe il contenuto di acqua nel cibo digerito in eccesso rendendo le feci più dure e difficili da espellere fuori.
  • Occasionalmente può causare danni nel rivestimento dell’ano e fa soffrire molto l’individuo. Al fine di evitare queste condizioni, è obbligatorio per un individuo di consumare banana regolarmente per aumentare i movimenti intestinali in modo più efficace.
  • Quando si consuma la banana non matura, ha molti benefici nutrizionali ed è anche buono per la salute di una persona troppo. La banana non matura aiuta nella sensibilità dell’insulina e quindi diminuisce le probabilità della condizione diabetica tra gli individui. Aiuta a mantenere il livello di zucchero nel sangue normale.
  • È ricco di potassio e aiuta a controllare la pressione sanguigna di un individuo in modo efficiente. È necessario per qualsiasi individuo per mantenere la pressione sanguigna normale al fine di evitare molti disturbi della salute.
  • Oltre a mantenere il normale livello di pressione sanguigna, assicura anche il normale funzionamento del rene. Il rene svolge un ruolo importante nell’espellere i materiali indesiderati dal corpo come rifiuti e quindi le banane giocano un ruolo importante nel miglioramento del sistema escretore del corpo.
  • Quando si desidera seguire un programma dietetico sano per perdere peso, è possibile includere banana nella vostra dieta per il programma di perdita di peso. Oltre alla dieta sana, si può anche provare sliminazer che aiuta a ridurre il peso in eccesso del corpo.






‘importanza dello zenzero nella vostra dieta

‘importanza dello zenzero nella vostra dieta

Ginger è in realtà buono per la vostra salute e fornisce molti benefici per il corpo e anche ti fa in forma e forte.  Rende anche il vostro corpo per curare la condizione di molte infezioni e proteggere il vostro corpo da vari agenti patogeni che causano le malattie o malattie.  Ha molti nutrienti e molti composti biologici che aiutano in varie funzioni metaboliche del corpo.  Può essere consumato come zenzero fresco o in una forma secca in cui lo zenzero fresco e secco ha un sacco di proprietà medicinali ed è una medicina migliore per trattare vari tipi di malattie del corpo. Ecco i benefici dimostrati di zenzero al nostro corpo e vedere post per una migliore informazione;

  • Lo zenzero aiuta a migliorare la condizione del corpo e meglio curare le malattie mattutine, nausea e vomito. Ci sono persone che si sentono noiose e inattive non appena hanno ottenuto da un letto.  Quando vengono serviti con tè allo zenzero, rende l’individuo più attivo ed energico.
  • Se ha qualsiasi dolore o qualsiasi tipo di crampi o dolori muscolari, ha dimostrato che lo zenzero ha migliorato la condizione tra l’individuo in un modo migliore per ottenere sollievo dal dolore muscolare e crampi.
  • Ha visto persone con artrite che hanno sofferto un sacco di dolori muscolari o dolori articolari, soprattutto nelle ginocchia e spine. Questo può essere dovuto al loro aumento del peso corporeo e al fine di ridurre il peso corporeo in modo più sano per ridurre il dolore articolare, si può provare sliminazer per ottenere risultati migliori.
  • Lo zenzero è noto per trattare la condizione di artrite in un modo migliore e rendere l’individuo ottenere sollievo dal dolore poiché lo zenzero ha composti bioattivi anti-infiammatori che aiutano a ridurre il gonfiore alle ginocchia.
  • Qualsiasi individuo che soffre di una condizione diabetica o se l’individuo è più incline alla malattia cardiaca, possono includere lo zenzero nella loro dieta che contribuirà a ridurre il livello di zucchero nel sangue in modo più efficace e controlla anche il livello di colesterolo nel sangue e quindi diminuendo gli effetti delle malattie cardiache.
  • Se si dispone di qualsiasi problema di digestione, si può fare uso di questo zenzero sia sotto forma di tè o succo di sciroppo, che contribuirà nel processo digestivo in modo più efficiente e in modo che il vostro corpo funzioni quotidianamente processi in maniera migliorata.
  • Se lei o qualsiasi donna che soffre del dolore mestruale può includere lo zenzero nella vostra dieta in modo che contribuisca a ridurre il dolore mestruale e i crampi in modo più efficace.
  • Svolge anche un ruolo importante nel ridurre il rischio di cancro tra gli individui quando lo zenzero è incluso nella loro dieta regolarmente.