“YOU SHARE – Youth Sharing Memories of Stalinism and its Victims”

From September 27th to 29th, 2010, the city of Faenza hosted an International Forum that concluded the project “Youshare – Youth sharing memories of Stalinism and its victims”. Organized by the IECOB (Istituto per l’Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica) in collaboration with the universities of Bologna, Kaunas, Ljubljana, Rijeka and Zagreb, funded by the European Commission and sponsored by the province of Ravenna, the city council of Faenza and the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Forlì, the Forum represented the third and most important event of the “Youshare” project. The project’s main aim was to share academic research and young peoples’ perceptions and comments on the subject of Stalinism and its victims.

The evidence about Stalinism and its victims are considered to be one among the legacy histories. It was a great event during the early years of the twentieth century. It is important that we learn a part of history to awaken our minds with a true sense of powerful thoughts that lead to a strong mission. We will definitely have many thoughts to be imbibed. It might be in the positive direction and otherwise too. We can learn what to be done or what not to be done over a period of time. See this here and know how history remains important to us.

It is not just about reading that enlivens our life but that we start sharing about it to our fellow friends makes it important and worthwhile. This is because it is only on a common platform that you exhibit several ideas and discuss the same. Close to fourteen million people passed through the Gulag between the years 1929 to 1953. Evidence before that were not found out. The death tolls were accounted to around one million during a certain period of time. The number actually suffers from certain practical difficulties due to natural deaths and other illness related issues. Fair facts reside on the phenomenal death tolls due to famine and the collectivization of agriculture during the reign of Stalin. It was a result of the campaign of repression. There were population transfers that happened during a certain period and also some factors leading to judicial executions.

After reading the facts and understanding the real truth from different sources, we can discuss and try to interpret the actual thoughts. This will enrich the true experience