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Home CEI International Summer School of Cervia 16th Edition - (5-18 Sept, 2010) Students selected to partecipate in the 16th CEI International Summer School of Cervia
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16th CEI International Summer School of Cervia
"Beyond Enlargement.
The Wider Europe and the New Neighbourhood"

List of the students selected to take part to this year's Summer School

We are pleased to announce that the following are the students selected to participate in the current CEI International Summer School of Cervia.

All students need to register as users to the Summer School's website at in order to access/download additional resources available for the classes and receive information about the Summer School. Access to the course resources is restricted by an "enrollment key" that only selected students may request to Ms. Dessislava Krasteva ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or the the webmaster Mr. Massimiliano Del Gatto ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

From Albania

  • Ms Marsida  Bandilli - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Jonida Narazani - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Klejda Ngjela - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Teida Shehi - Course B (with scholarship)

From Bielorussia

  • Ms Yuliya Kavko - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Katsiaryna Savitskaya - Course B (with scholarship)

From Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Ms Aida Hodzic - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Kemal Koštrebić - Course B (with scholarship) Updated!
  • Ms Maja  Ribar - Šarkinović - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Ms Mevlida Rovcanin - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Nermina Suljević - Course B (with scholarship)

From Croatia

  • Ms Vedrana Čović - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Lana Dodig - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Ariana Magdić - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Hrvoje Špehar   - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Martina Tomasevic - Course B (with scholarship)

From Italy

  • Ms Francesca Vandelli - Course A

From Kenya

  • Mr Jeylan Moor Badawy - Course B

From Kosovo

  • Mr Qerkin Berisha - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Mr Mentor Seferi - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Saranda Stublla - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Mr Mentor Vrajolli - Course A (with scholarship)

From Macedonia

  • Ms Verica Filipovska - Course A (withdrawn) Updated!
  • Mr Petar Jordanoski - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Ivan Jovanov - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Todor  Milchevski - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Ms Ana Nikodinovska - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Ms Kristina  Pavloski - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Sanja Tashkova - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Ms Julija Vitanova - Course A (with scholarship)

From Moldavia

  • Ms Natalia Negru - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Olga Cojocaru - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Constantin Stamati - Course B (with scholarship)

From Montenegro

  • Ms Ana Cukovic - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Biljana Kecojevic - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Milica Popović - Course A (with scholarship)

From The Netherlands

  • Mr Michel Beunen - Course A

From Russia

  • Ms Elena  Tyapushova - Course A (with scholarship)

From Serbia

  • Ms Anka Bazalac - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Vanja Dumeljić - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Bojana Gajic - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Ms Ana Kopren - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Jelena Lončar - Course A (with scholarship)

From Turkey

  • Ms Zeynep Arslan - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Anil Aslan - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Tuğҫe Bahadir - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Ms Filiz Coban - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Emin Dedebek - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Mr Altuğ Murat Köktaş - Course B (with scholarship)

From Ukraine

  • Mr Oleg Korotynskyi - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Mr Igor Minia - Course B (with scholarship)
  • Mr Oleksii Polegkyi - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Ms Hanna Protasova - Course A (with scholarship)
  • Mr Ivan Vovkanych - Course B (with scholarship)

From USA

  • Mr Steven Comerford - Course A (withdrawn) Updated!

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