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Intensive Course on Diversity Management
June 28th – July 11th 2010
Faenza (RA) - Italy

Follow Up

The Intensive Course on Diversity Management, organized by the University of Bologna through the Centro per l'Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica, in the framework of the LLP Erasmus Intensive Programme, was successfully concluded on July 10th 2010. The Closing Ceremony was held at the premises of the Municipality of Faenza where the students presented the project results to the Major of the town and other representatives of the city council.

The two-week Intensive Programme was positively evaluated by the students who attended the course, for most of them it was a good experience both in terms of academic achievement and in terms of personal enrichment coming from living and working together and exploring the wide concept of diversity. The intensive programme was also attended by a group of students enrolled at the University of Bologna for the Joint Phd Programme in Diversity Management and Governance, a new programme designed by the Universities of Bologna, Graz, Primorska and Sofia.

Besides class discussions, role plays and workshops, the students were given one extra month to write a final essay on the topic of most interest. The papers were uploaded on the summer school website and are now in peer review for a future publication.

What follows is the list of the students who attended the course, divided by home university, completed with the title of the paper they submitted at the end of the course.

IP Coordinator – University of Bologna

  • Marzia Bona, "Report from the Intensive Course On Diversity Management - Faenza, June 28th - July 11th 2010"
  • Serena Bonato, "Acknowledging the positive potentials of diversity to find a way out of stalemate: Regional Policies and Baltic Region at stake"
  • Alessandro Bonomelli, "Report on summer school, Faenza, July 2010: diversity management"
  • Paula Borowska, "Diversity Management’s Diverse and Complex Character… A Report on the Intensive Course on Diversity Management In Faenza, 2010"
  • Giulio Di Stefano, "Studying And Experiencing Diversity Management In Faenza"
  • Isotta Ricci Bitti, "Intensive Course on Diversity Management Jun 28 – Jul 11 Faenza, 2010"

University of Ljubljana:

  • Rok Avbar, "Europe's dignity under the question: The case of french roma expulsion in the light of intensive course on diversity management"
  • Biserka Bubnjić, "Essay on diversity management"
  • Sanja Orlac, "Multiculturalism As A Problematic Paradigm Of Diversity Management In Europe"
  • Klavdja Stajdohar, "New Minorities In Europe: Unsolved Question In Desprate Need For The Solution"
  • Teo Zalar, "Diversity. A curse or a blessing? Origins and implications of diversity"

Corvinus University of Budapest

  • Tatsiana Antanevich, "European Diversity: How it Works and where it Leads."
  • Gergo Dobi, "EU enlargement, the accession of Belarus and Turkey" "On the road towards a more diverse Europe"
  • Virginia Dumitras, "Beyond diversity - Towards tolerance"
  • Zlata Kharitonova, "Review Of Bologna Summer School Courses (With Particular Focus On The Eu)"
  • Tomas Kvedaras, "Diversity Management"
  • Yuliya Shastak, "One of the Failures of the EU in Diversity Management"
  • Sadik Tabar, "Opinions and Arguments on the Controversial Issue of Kosovo’s Status"

Vytautas Magnus University

  • Justina Balnaite, "Managing the Diversity"
  • Indre Bortkunaite, "How to deal with diversities?"
  • Giedrius Cesnakas, "Global Supranational Organizations: Prospects, Challenges and Necessary Debates on Values"
  • Gerda Jakstaite, "Visible Diversity in Contemporary Europe. Can Diversity Always be Visible? Are the Majorities Always Reasonably Blamed if Minorities are not Visible?"
  • Gintare Raugalyte, "Human rights diplomacy in managing diversity perspective. A case of Scandinavian countries"
  • Junas Povilas, "Reflections of the Intensive Course on Diversity Management"
  • Rasa Šiugždinytė, "Diversity management – possible one answer?"

Karl-Franzens-University of Graz

  • Maria Luise Berrell Rohrmoser, "Globalization and Nationalism - The CoE Framework Convention for the Pro-tection of National Minorities"
  • Drino Galicic, "Practicing Diversity Management In Modern Societies"
  • Romanita Iordache, "Why and How Managing Diversities? – Summer School Report"
  • Jurgen Krasser, "What is Diversity Management? Intention, Task and Approach"
  • Pedrag Milicevic, "Culture Clash…revised!"
  • Viktoria Moser, "Final Report"

Next year's edition of the Erasmus IP on Diversity Management will be held in Austria (Graz University) on July 2011.

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