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Home Longo Eds. No. 31 - Migrations From And To Southeastern Europe
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Migrations From And To Southeastern Europe

edited by: Anna Krasteva, Anelia Kasabova and Diana Karabinova
published by: A. Longo editore
pp: 296
ISBN: 978-88-8063-622-9
price: € 25.00

If we decide to assume the impossible task of summarizing the complex, contradictory, and diverse Balkan migrations at the beginning of the 21st century, it would be normalization. This movement takes a variety of forms; 24 scholars from 9 countries delineate the main trends: from forced migration to returns; from ethnic to economic logic; from mass emigration to circular migration; from countries of emigration to countries of immigration. Migration equals mobility. The day when pull factors reach the strength of push factors the citizens of the region will celebrate the end of 'balkanization' and will welcome a new image of an attractive and hospitable region. This day is not tomorrow, but it is in the foreseeable future. The 'roads' became more attractive than the 'roots', millions of emigrants have divested the region of significance. Returnees, circular migrants who earn abroad and spend at home, and immigrants 're-territorialize' countries previously characterized by mass emigration, investing existential value. 19 articles about migration to and from the region draw the figure of the Balkan migrant — and take you on an exciting journey to known and unknown tracks of humanity.


Anna Krasteva

Part One - Migrations: Challenges and Policies

Ivaylo Ditchev
From a Socialism of Migrants Towards a Europe of Mobilities

Milka Bubalo Zivković, Tamara Kovačević, Andjelija Ivkov
Migration in the Former Yugoslav Republics

Silva Mežnarić
Migration in Croatia: What to Expect?

Eugenia Markova and Richard Black
New European Immigrants and Community Cohesion in Britain

Part Two - Integration and Inclusion

Anna Krasteva
Being a Foreign Woman in Bulgaria

Alexey Pamporov
Social Distances Towards the New Immigrants in Bulgaria

Andreas Breinbauer
Brains On The Move

Fatmir Memaj, Albert Qarri, Petrit Dollani
Brain Drain: the Albanian Case

Diana Karabinova
Bulgarian Students in Vienna

Part Three - Labor Migration and Remittances

Petko Hristov
Transborder Migration: the Example of Western Macedonia

Esmeralda Uruçi
The Role of Remittances in the Albanian Economy

Part Four - Cultures and Interculturality

Anelia Kasabova
National Churches in a Multicultural Setting: the Eastern Orthodoxy in Vienna

Magdalena Elchinova
The British are Coming!: a Bulgarian Village facing Eu-Integration

Vesela Vladimirova
First Generation Bulgarian Migrants to the Czech Republic: Language Practice

Part Five - Displacement and Asylum

Anastasia Christou
Migrating Gender and Spatialising Belongingness: Femininities and Masculinities in the Diaspora

Mirjana Bobić
Serbian Unfinished Business. Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Vanya Ivanova
Internally Displaced Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Policy Developments in Managing Displacement Waves

Albena Tcholakova
The Refugee as a Specific Figure of Post-Communist Immigration in Bulgaria

Part Six - Returns

Miladina Monova
The Impossible Citizenship. The Case of Macedonians, Refugees from the Greek Civil War in the Republic of Macedonia

Alexander Maleev
Bulgarian Return Migration

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