Europe and the Balkans International Network

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The Europe and the Balkans International Network (EBIN) was established by 12 scholars from 4 countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Greece and Denmark), thanks to the financial support of the European Commission’s Human Capital and Mobility Program.

Since its founding, EBIN has expanded to include over 250 scholars from 36 European countries, the United States, Canada,  Egypt, South Africa, India, Japan, Australia, The Marshall Islands, and New Zealand.

IECOB is responsible for the administration of EBIN, which has taken diverse shapes in its history.

EBIN aims to further research and develop training in the fields of politics, economics, law, history, linguistics, and culture in order to promote a more comprehensive understanding of Central Eastern and Balkan Europe.  The University of Bologna, the City Council of Forlì, the Region of Emilia-Romagna, and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs all provide support to EBIN in this endeavor.
Looking to the future of European Integration, EBIN aims to foster international dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration, encouraging communication and discourse even in regions that have recently weathered disastrous conflicts. To this end, EBIN has organized a number of research activities and events, including the CEI International Summer School, now in its 20th year.