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Home Education International conferences, round tables & festivals Accepting Diversities: Human Rights and the Challenges of Reconciliation
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Accepting Diversities: Human Rights and the Challenges of Reconciliation

29 – 30 April, 2011

The University of Bologna, IECOB, the University of Sarajevo, CIPS, the CEI Network of civil society organizations present the conference “Accepting Diversities: Human Rights and the Challenges of Reconciliation” which will take place in Sarajevo in the premises of CIPS on the 29th and 30th of April 2011.

In present Europe, and particularly in South East Europe, diversities – between and within social groups, national and religious communities, as well as ideological, cultural and other preferences – are often not recognized, and sometimes even rejected. In some cases, those differences are simply ignored, in others the reasons for them are confused or mistaken or even artificially imposed. In South-East Europe they are often considered a source for deep contrasts within societies. In other words, they are seen as a problem. Human diversities, on the contrary, are a matter of fact and a wealth for the development of the societies and the prospect of the European integration.

The conference aims at organizing the dialogue among three categories of participants, University Academics, European policy-makers and Civil Society Activists of SEE on the problematic issues of democracy and diversities and finding possible solutions. The discussion will be organized in 6 panels

  • PANEL 1: ICTY Decisions and National Narratives: Facts vs. Myths,
  • PANEL 2: Accepting the “Otherness”: Challenges for Education and Civil Society,
  • PANEL 3: “Ethnizenship” and the Right of Non-belonging,
  • PANEL 4: Gender and Transitional Justice in SEE,
  • PANEL 5: Rethinking journalism: The role of media in post conflict societies,
  • PANEL 6: Challenging Homogeneity within Ethnic Communities: a room for dialogue.

The event also aims at offering the opportunity for building networks of civil society organization in SEE, particularly in the field of Human Rights defense and promotion, reconciliation, new development strategies, by strengthening existing civic networks and promoting new ones. The conference will in fact provide the occasion to establish the CEI Network of Civil Society Organizations.

The full agenda and the registration form are available at

For further information, you can contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cinzia Tarletti
Academic Tutor
European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South-East Europe,
Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies University of Sarajevo,
Istituto per l’Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica


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