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Home Di&Di - More Diversity and less Discrimination on the Labour market
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Main activities of the DI&DI; project:

Training for qualified young people and low qualified women with a migratory experience in order to identify and value their skills & competences, to open their perspectives for employment or new professional career, with a special view to enhance their creative and spirit of entrepreneurship competences, to enhance the exchange of participants’ different experiences and competences - designed since January 2014 - experimented in each country since January 2015.

The trainings aims at enhancing the access to employment of both target groups by:
- Preventing against discrimination risks in the labor market through legal tools and concrete situations.
- Valuing special profiles and identifying competencies of trainees in order to enhance them.

Mentoring for professionals who support or employ qualified young people or low qualified women with a migratory experience, in order to take into account the specific needs and potentials of their publics (qualified young people, low qualified women with a migratory experience) in their daily practices - designed since June 2014 - experimented in each country since January 2015.
Mentoring addresses professionals working with target groups, such as: managers of youth and women associations,social workers, recruiters and people in charge of diversity in businesses. Based on previous experiences of the partners, the mentor will allow trainees to take better into account the specific expectings of qualified youngsters and low qualified women with a migratory background in their daily practices.

Setting up a steering committee with experts active in the field of social/economic integration (associations, local authorities, firms…) in order to gather the lessons learned from the training and mentoring in the view of the local and national context, since Spring 2014. Contents, results and common lessons learned through the experiments of the training and mentoring will be shared with actors active in the field of social/economic integration, discrimination and diversity, through steering national committees in each of the five countries and innovative and interactive tools as weblog.

Providing the output of the project to the networks of migrants and professionals in the fields of migration (employment, local administration, training and education institutions), since Spring 2014.

The main field of discrimination in the whole European Union is employment. Origin and gender are two of the 6 criteria defined by the EU legislation regarding discrimination (2000). Two target groups are especially vulnerable: youngsters and women.

The difficulties to build a professional future for these two specific groups, qualified youngsters and low qualified women with a migratory background, raise specific challenges which are insufficiently addressed. In a context of feminization of migration and growth of mobility of qualified youngsters, it is crucial to develop innovative tools and strategies taking into account the special needs of these groups.

In this context, the main innovations of the project are:
- To bring together the methods of integration strategies for the target groups between the partners in five European countries
- The training among younsgters and female migrants will be inspired by the results of previous projects:
Médiateur interculturel,
The coaching for the professionals will be inspired by the previous project:
Diversité +,
The training and coaching will be adapted to each national context (France, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland) together with a common EU framework.

Download the Official brochure of the DI&DI; Project!

Download this file (Brochure in Ing DI&DI.pdf)Brochure in Ing DI&DI.pdf;

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