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Due to its structure and content, PECOB is a unique resource in Italy. The innovative portal provides rapid access to a vast database of scholarship studying the economies, finances, scientific and academic communities, societies and cultures of Europe and its periphery. In addition, PECOB guarantees the availability of scientific contributions in politics, economics, history, sociology, linguistics and cultural and media studies. Furthermore, PECOB shares up-to-date economic reports and trending analyses.
Its ultimate goal is to create an environment of connection and colloboration between Italy, Central-Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Baltic states and the post-Soviet sphere. In order to achieve this goal, PECOB diseminates vital information and promotes Trans-Eurasian exchange of contacts between active contributers, scholars and general users.
Taking advantage of IECOB's international network - constituting around two hundred academics and experts from around the world - PECOB is an effective tool to establish international contacts, promote cooperation and encourage collaboration amongst research institutes, universities, publishing houses, news agencies and Italian and foreign businesses.
In fact, PECOB is not only a point of reference for general users or students who'd like to deepen their regional knowledge, but also an opportunity to publish for academics and scholars. Together, they use PECOB as a platform to share their research and findings.
PECOB's databse is subdivided into these main sections (all available on its Home Page): Up-to-date alerts, Political and Economic Analyses, Scientific Library, Published and Web Resources, Institutions and Community. Already containing around 5,000 pages, the available sources are constantly updated and quite expansive; its vast collection of international scholarship renders PEC
OB a useful resource in European Studies.
The portal is in English, primarily, to increase accessibility for users of every nationality. However, PECOB provides links to access articles and information in their original languages. Additionally, PECOB has the newly-added feature of publishing articles in every Central-Eastern European language (which makes PECOB a highly innovative tool on the internet). PECOB's Staff is currently working to translate the portal into Italian with the help of translation experts. The Italian-language site will be online shortly.

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