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Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives
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Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives

Adjusting regional policies of ethnicity and borders

edited by: Hylber Hysa and Dušan Janjić
published by: A. Longo editore
pp: 246
ISBN: 978-88-8063-674-8
price: € 20.00

The book Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives. Adjusting regional policies of ethnicity and borders includes a wide variety of contributions which analyze and clarify the impact of the Kosovo issue in the wider context of the Balkans, particularly in relation to its declaration of independence in 2008. Co-edited by a Serbian and a Kosovar scholar, this volume offers to the reader a rare in-depth understanding of the events that prolongued the deep division of the Western Balkan societies after the NATO air-strikes of 1999 as well as of the search for a new dialogue aimed to strengthen stabilization, democratization and prospective integration into the EU.

The volume contains the following essays:

"Kosovo and its Neighbors following independence: Easy landing with passengers still on board" (Ylber Hysa)
"The Status of  Kosovo" (Dušan Janjić)
"The 'New Reality' seen from the enclave: the Kosovo Serbs' experience" (Leonas Tolvaišis)
"The Bosnian Crisis and the Independence of Kosovo" (Florian Bieber and Soeren Keil)
"The role of Albania in the Balkans in the Wake of Kosovo's Independence: Continuity and Change" (Remzi Lani)
"Macedonia in a Limbo: Between Regional (In)Stability and Euro-integration" (Biljana Vankovska)
"Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia case studies – similarities and differences" (Adam Balcer)
"Kosovo self-determination before the ICJ" (George Andreopoulos)
"EULEX and the Kosovo Gordian Knot" (Adam Balcer)
"The U.S. and the Stabilization of the Adriatic-Black Sea Corridor" (Craig Nation)
"Russia's interests and concerns over the Balkans" (Konstantin Khudoley)

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