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Home PECOB's Volumes Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures. (ICCEES CONGRESS Stockholm 2010 Papers and Contributions) edited by Stefano Garzonio
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PECOB's volumes -Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures.
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Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures.

(ICCEES CONGRESS Stockholm 2010 Papers and Contributions) edited by Stefano Garzonio

pp: 225
ISSN: 978-88-96951-01-9


It is with great pleasure that we publish this collection of scientific papers and contributions on Slavic languages and literature presented at the ICCEES Congress held in Stockholm (June 2010). The Congress has showcased that the different disciplines addressed in East European and Eurasian studies are continuously growing and enlarging their thematic and scientific horizons. The ICCEES 2010 Congress mainly focused on issues of Slavic and East European history, politics and economics. However, the interest in Slavic and East European literature and linguistic studies is also rising, as confirmed by the general program of the Congress, where several panels were dedicated to language, literature and cultural studies.

In this volume we include a selection of contributions (in English and Russian), mostly concerning Russian literature of the XIX-XX century (as a matter of fact, 2010 was a jubilee year for Tolstoi and Andrey Belyi) and Jewish-Russian poetry, but also focusing on problems of translation, Russian language and media, and history of archives. The volume addresses several and different topics and approaches and I hope that the reader will find it interesting and enjoy the publication. Finally, I would like to thank Prof. Stefano Bianchini and the IECOB Board for the opportunity to publish this book.

Table of contents

Section I

  • Chapter 1 Defining Translation Priorities – or How to be Consistent (by: Andrew Jameson)
  • Chapter 2 Russian amateur subtitling on YouTube: ideology and poetics revealed (by: Varvara Christie)

Section II

  • Chapter 1 Reading Minds: Cognitive Perspectives on Anna Karenina (by: Brett Cooke)
  • Chapter 2 Andrei Belyi on Lev Tolstoi (by: Anna Ponomareva)
  • Chapter 3 Out from Under Andrei Belyi's Overcoat: Writing the "Moscow Text" (by: Olga M. Cooke)
  • Chapter 4 Jewish-Russian Poets Bearing Witness to the Shoah, 1941-1946: Textual Evidence and Preliminary Conclusions (by: Maxim D. Shrayer)
  • Chapter 5 Poetic ecphrasis of Joseph Brodsky (by: Tatsiana Autukhovich)

Section III

  • Chapter 1 От оккультизма серебряного века к советской науке: случай Александра Богданова (by: Михаил П. Одесский)
  • Chapter 2 The Novgorod Occupation Archives: experiences from a catalogue project (by: Elisabeth Löfstrand)
  • Chapter 3 Socio-cultural space as a determinant of the mass-media axio-sphere (on the material of the Ukrainian mass-media) (by: Tetyana Kuznyetsova)
  • Chapter 4 Two languages in contact: evidence from Russian – Swedish bilingual acquisition (by: Natasha Ringblom)

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