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Welcome, David!

David Brown
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Our Institute is pleased to announce that a new intern has just started a six-month collaboration with us. An American citizen, Mr David Brown is currently enrolled at the MA Program on Interdisciplinary research and studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES) leading to an international joint degree. He began service on January 10 and he has already showed great skills and competencies.

In the framework of our Institute's activities, David will make part of the editorial staff of the Portal on Eastern, Central and Balkan Europe (PECOB), where he will collaborate with Ms Aurora Domeniconi in managing the contents offered by the portal. His editorial tasks will be mostly focused on updating academic information regarding calls, conferences, events, educational courses, journals and books related to the Eastern European countries, the Balkans and the Post-Soviet Space. David will also take care of information content regarding institutions which work in the academic world and are active in the civil sector in the mentioned areas, thus contributing to the establishment of new contacts at an institutional level as well.

Moreover, David will give a valid contribution to the promotion of IECOB activities collaborating to the release of our institutional newsletter. He will not only write reports concerning conferences and activities promoted by our institute, but will also contribute to the establishment and management of new contacts within our mailing list.

We firmly believe that the internship at our institute will bring new knowledge to both parts. The Balkans and South East Europe being the areas David is going to focus while attending his MA program, we are sure he can deepen his knowledge of the region while working with us. Further benefits will also derive from networking activity among groups of scholars, teachers, researchers, area experts and post-graduate students in which David will be involved.

We welcome David and wish him great success!


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