How (not) to export civil society

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Let us find out how peace education is important in growth of democracy. Read on to know in detail:

  1. Realizing the need for judiciary: Peace education helps in making the recipients realize the need for proper formation of judiciary system in the nation. This is vital for proper administration and running of the government. This will ensure proper availability of social justice to all.
  2. Peace education helps inequality: Most war-prone and underdeveloped nations do not realize the need for gender equality. It is more important for reducing social crimes against women and children.
  3. Peace education helps in reducing social disparity: Peace education makes people aware of their rights. Hence every citizen can ensure that he gets his share of entitlements to lead a dignified life. This will reduce social disparity.
  4. It improves communication skills: It facilitates and improves smooth communication between the citizens. Hence this will help in avoiding misunderstandings. It will strengthen the relationship between people. On the internet, you can find a lot an of information on peace education. Click to read more.
  5. It increases harmony: Peace education helps in increasing harmonious co-existence between individuals. Hence indifferences which led to frequent clashes can be eliminated from society.
  6. Removal of fears: Peace education helps in the removal of unnecessary fears gripping the mind of people. Especially in nations where life is often disrupted by violence, there will be high levels of unspoken fears in the minds of people. Peace education helps in removing the same.
  7. Sorting cultural differences: Peace education helps in understanding cultural differences. Hence it creates an atmosphere where people can appreciate other people belonging to a different culture. This will prevent misunderstandings between people.

Let us think of an atmosphere where people are deprived of getting above information. In such scenario, life will be in downtrodden condition. Only when the society is mentally prepared about all the above concepts, it will be easier to implement democracy. Hence imparting education above basic concepts like equality, harmony, communication etc. is all the more needed. All the above steps will take the level of thinking of the community as a whole to the next level. Also, peace education will ensure the grooming of citizen thoughts in a similar manner. Only when fears are alleviated and people are communicated well about the pillars of democracy like social justice, gender equality etc. people can admire the real need for democracy. Democracy will help the nations to bloom by utilizing the population in a positive manner.

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