Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives

The book Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives. Adjusting regional policies of ethnicity and borders includes a wide variety of contributions which analyze and clarify the impact of the Kosovo issue in the wider context of the Balkans, particularly in relation to its declaration of independence in 2008. Co-edited by a Serbian and a Kosovar scholar, this volume offers to the reader a rare in-depth understanding of the events that prolongued the deep division of the Western Balkan societies after the NATO air-strikes of 1999 as well as of the search for a new dialogue aimed to strengthen stabilization, democratization and prospective integration into the EU.

European Union is a political and economic partnership between twenty-eight countries that are part of Europe. The European Union has created a single currency named Euro and also has been responsible for making single market to sell and buy goods and services. With the EU, the citizens could move around freely between the member states and also can work and live wherever they please. The founding principle of the union which is known as four freedoms guarantees free movement of goods, services, capital, and people. You could view publisher site to get more information regarding the same.

Reasons for creating European Union

The European Union was created at the beginning of World War II in order to prevent any further conflict between the countries within Europe and also promote economic cooperation. Its origin could be traced back to 1951 wherein a community was established to integrate the steel and coal industries. Then ECC (European Economic Community) was established in 1958 to improve the relationship between Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, and France. In 1993, the name of ECC was changed into EU (European Union) in order to reflect the growing involvement in various policy areas like environment and development aid.

EU plays quite an important role in promotion of human rights, humanitarian aid, diplomacy, trade, and development. It works along with the multi lateral organization. The action of the Unions will be guided by its own principle that has been inspired by its own creation, enlargement, and development. It seems to work for the advancement of Rule of law, democracy, indivisibility of human rights, universality, fundamental freedoms, the principle of solidarity and equality, respect for the principle of the international law and United Nations Charter. Even its plays few roles outside its border like a responsible neighbor, contributor to peace and so on.