Maria Pitukhina’s profile

Maria Pitukhina, Ph.D. in International Relations received at St.Petersburg State University, 2008. Has been a lecturer of the International Relations Department, at Petrozavodsk State University, 2006-2010 (courses: world politics, decision-making: political perspective, politology, contemporary global problems ).

World Politics is considered an important part of everyone’s life. We might think that it is just about the Government and its laws relating to the consequences further. But, it is much beyond that. Reading and learning about the important principles can excite us and reveal facts that form a legacy to be known. The economic and social patterns of the world hold importance because it affects a common man’s life indirectly. It will have impacts in the financial domain and the currency circulation. This will certainly affect the prices of normal items and have a closer collaboration towards inflation that will affect the population in general. Look at this website and you will get to know more.

International relations are a grooming sensation in the world political platform. We have to understand that the International happenings can be of great importance to all of us. Cultural differences and its primary differences in the modern era imbibe true values. It is a proven fact neither we nor the country can survive in isolation. We will have to communicate to transact and involve in businesses. Thus, it is our responsibility to work on the issues that concern international relations. Life seems to get smoother in that way.

It is always appreciated to have a good global knowledge and start getting the true facts. We should always have true knowledge about the contemporary issues concerning global life and start thinking about it. We should have our own interpretations and think of decisions that can be good. In this way, we get to share our views and knowledge transfer happens faster than expected. This will create a global understanding on a large scale. When a new problem arises, and the government takes a decision we will have the general public to support if we develop a fair understanding in this manner regularly and effectively.

Has worked as a secretary of the Karelian Brunch of the Russian Association of Political Science 2007-2010. In 2010 – 2011 is running a postdoc internship at the Institute for East-Central Europe and the Balkans at Bologna University, 2010 – 2011. She is also managing her own blog