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IECOB's newsletter II/2011 (February)
Subject: IECOB's newsletter II/2011 (February)
Send date: 2024-03-08 21:17:58
Issue #: 11
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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Newsletter II/2011 of the Istituto per l'Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica has been released.

Academic Programmes & Educational Activities

MA Program

  • MIREES Call for Applications
    Launched by the Faculty of Political Science "R. Ruffilli" of the University of Bologna (Forlì Campus), MIREES is a two-year English-taught Master's programme leading to a joint diploma issued by the University of Bologna together with the Vytautas Magnus University at Kaunas, the Corvinus University of Budapest, and the State University of St Petersburg. The call for applications for the academic year 2011-2012 is going to be launched soon!
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PhD Program

  • Diversity Management
    The PhD candidates enrolled in the programme in "Diversity Management and Governance" are moving to partner universities for their mobility period.
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Public lectures

  • MIREES Open Lectures
    Mr Solomons delivered a seminar within the framework of the Master Programme in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe at the Faculty of Political Science "R. Ruffilli" in Forlì.
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Journal Southeastern Europe

PECOB - Portal on Central Eastern and Balkan Europe

  • Profile on Facebook
    PECOB opened its own page on Facebook, where we will be able to give immediate updates on what's new! Join us and stay tuned!
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  • The Eighth issue of PECOB's papers series has just been published and is now available for download: "Regional cooperation in the Western Balkans in time of political and economical uncertainty", by Simona Mameli (IECOB)
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  • The Business Guide offers two new contributions by Michele Tempera (IECOB):
    • "The Russian atomic state agency's projection in Eastern and South Eastern Europe: finding new markets" within the Business reports section
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    • "Balkans transportation system as shaped by the EU reconstruction aid: modernization or a dead end street?" under the logistics section
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  • Pecob calls for papers:
    The call for papers to be published under the PECOB's papers series is still open. If you miss the first deadline, you can submit your proposals by June 30th, 2011.
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  • Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives. Adjusting regional policies of ethnicity and borders - Future publication
    Currently under preparation, the next volume of the Series of Balkan and East-European Studies will have a focus on Kosovo.
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  • Guida ai Paesi dell'Europa centrale, orientale e balcanica. Annuario politico-economico 2009 (in Italian) - NEW!
    Edited by Francesco Privitera, the new version of the guide on Central, Eastern and Balkan Europe yearly published by il Mulino will be published in early autumn. The volume will include analytical and chronological dossiers about 23 countries of the region, introduced by specific essays analyzing nationalism and self-determination applied to the case of Kosovo.
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  • European Memory. A Blessing or a Curse? (in English) - Just published!
    The last volume published in the 'Europe and the Balkans' International Network series is co-edited by Leonidas Donskis and Ineta Dabasinskiene. Published by Longo Editore, the volume offers a strong Central European perspective on the politics of remembering and the politics of forgetting in the 20th century, and on interpretation of ourselves and the world around us in the 21st century.
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  • Regional cooperation in Europe: opportunity for the Balkans
    The Organizing Committee of the International Conference "Regional cooperation in Europe: opportunity for the Balkans" announces a call for papers to participate at the conference, which will take place on 21st-23rd September 2011 in Dubrovnik. April 15th, 2011 is the deadline for submitting papers.
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  • Honourable Angelo Satanassi
    The Institute for Central Eastern and Balkan Europe was aggrieved to learn of the death of Honourable Angelo Satanassi, Chairman of the Garzanti Foundation, last February 18th. IECOB and all its members wishe to express its deepest condolences to his family.
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In order to know more about any of the above topics, read them all on our website:!

Best regards,
Aurora Domeniconi
Public Relations
Istituto per l'Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica
Europe and the Blakans International network
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Via S. Giovanni Bosco, 1
48018 - Faenza (RA)
phone: +39 – (0)544 – 9 37950
fax: +39 – (0)546 – 372045


PECOB's call for papers

The Scientific Board of PECOB announces an open call for papers to be published with ISSN 2038-632X

Interested contributors may deal with any topic focusing on the political, economic, historical, social or cultural aspects of a specific country or region covered by PECOB.

Potential contributors must submit a short abstract (200-300 words) and the full text, which can be in English as well as any language from the countries covered by PECOB.

Upcoming deadlines for submitting proposals are:

January 31st, 2012
June 30th, 2012
November 30th, 2012

All texts must comply with PECOB Submission Guidelines (

All proposals, texts and questions should be submitted to Ms Aurora Domeniconi, PECOB Coordinator, at: